HONOR Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology introduced

HONOR, no longer associated with Huawei, is set to deliver new technologies and innovations. The latest offering is camera-centric and we can expect the feature to be available on upcoming Honor phones. The system is called Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography technology. The first device to implement it is the HONOR Magic 3 Series which was announced last month with premium and yes, camera-centric specs. Honor claims it can set a new benchmark for mobile imaging and we hope to see that soon.

This Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography is set to redefine imaging standards in the market. Honor teamed up with experts to work on the cameras and imaging algorithms to improve on the imaging system for the HONOR Magic3 Series.

Honor’s goal has always been to provide color and present reality as it is imagined by a creator. Honor wants to offer a one-stop mobile photography/videography experience to the users. That is possible with different innovations like the Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography tech and the HONOR Image Engine platform.

The tech brings the power of fusion between software and multi-camera algorithm. It sets to upgrade the process from the previous single-cam to multi-frame to multi-camera multi-frame. It works on different levels of zoom–one time zoom to wide-angle focal range

With the HONOR Magic3 Series, you can take advantage of the color sensor as it allows better exposure and more vivid colors. There is also a high-def monochrome sensor to capture details and texture. All these can be done without having to make the sensor larger.

HONOR Magic 3 Series Features

The technology by Honor also uses AI intelligent fusion solution. This allows aligning of two photos produced by the two sensors. As described, the Honor AI intelligent fusion technology delivers increased light intake by 13% and better image clarity by 18%.

HONOR Magic3 Series’ multi-camera fusion algorithm makes use of the OEM’s HONOR Image Engine platform. The result always is an “industry-leading photography and videography experience” made possible by several optimizations (RGB/grayscale/spectrum/depth) and advanced imaging algorithms. Basically, Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography can integrate the four cameras of the HONOR Magic 3 series.