Qualcomm, Lofelt to bring advanced haptics to Android ecosystem

Qualcomm has been teaming up with more companies. It’s been exploring new technologies that may be implemented to current products or new services. The chipset maker is also working hard to improve its product line of mobile processors. Earlier, we told you about the Snapdragon XR1 AR Smart Viewer Reference Design. Now we’re learning about … Read more

Android smartphones gets new safety and convenience features

While normally most of the big feature drops happen during a major Android software update, we also get new Google updates for Android devices every once in a while. For example, we’re getting six of the latest Google updates now that will make your smartphones more secure and convenient. This includes a Password Checkup tool, … Read more

YouTube on Android finally gets support for 4K videos

While you probably will want to watch videos in their highest possible resolution, there are sometimes limitations with the device, app restrictions, slow internet connection, bandwidth limitations, paywalled subscriptions, etc. Well Android users will finally lose one of those as the YouTube app finally gets support for 4K videos after iOS users were able to … Read more