Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue in a lab using live cells

Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue using live cells that could treat future astronauts who will one day live on Mars and the moon American scientists grew human liver tissue in a lab using a 3D-printerThe team started by using 3D printing technologies to create gel-like moldsThis acted as a platform for the cells … Read more

If Barbie did prison cells: Jail where inmates do their own decorations

If Barbie did prison cells: Jail where inmates do their own decorations and get pedometers to count their steps in what the local MP once likened to a ‘Butlin’s holiday camp’ By Stian Alexander For The Mail On Sunday Published: 00:32 BST, 25 April 2021 | Updated: 02:29 BST, 25 April 2021 The bijou dimensions … Read more

Incredible images reveal how cells exposed to AstraZeneca’s vaccine produce the key spike protein

Scientists have produced stunning images showing exactly what happens to the cells of a person who is injected with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.  Images reveal how the jab forces the injected person’s own cells to make replicas of the real coronavirus spike, a glycoprotein, which sticks out from its surface.  The spikes on the surface … Read more

First bones with living cells acted like BATTERIES for fish 423 million years ago, study reveals 

While our bones act as a support structure for our body, millions of years ago they behaved like batteries to help ancient fish travel long distances. A team of German paleontologists analyzed bone structures of a 423 million-year-old jawless, armored extinct species that showed the creature’s bone cells dissolved some of the tissue to supply … Read more

Microscopic ‘living robots’ created from frog embryo stem cells have memories

A microscopic ‘living robot’ made from frog embryo stem cells have been designed with self-healing powers and the ability to keep memories. The innovation pulls from previous work released last year, called Xenobots, but has been upgraded to move more efficiently and perform more complex tasks. Dubbed Xenobots 2.0, the machines are able to self-propel … Read more

Coronavirus infects cells in the mouth, causing oral symptoms like taste loss, study shows

SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, infects saliva and cells in the mouth, a new study shows. US researchers have found evidence that salivary glands are one area in the mouth where the deadly virus infects our cells.  SARS-CoV-2 infection in the mouth accounts for the oral symptoms people with Covid-19 have been experiencing, such … Read more

Oww! Scientists discover the molecule in tooth cells that signals the brain when exposed to cold

There’s little as excruciating as biting into a cold ice-cream and feeling an awful jolt of pain, especially if you’ve been a bit lax in the dental hygiene department. Researchers from the US and Germany have finally gotten to the root of this pain — identifying the specific cells in teeth, odontoblasts, that sense cold temperatures. … Read more

‘Zombie genes’ – glial cells – come alive in human brain for HOURS after a person dies, study shows

‘Zombie genes’ come alive and grow larger with arm-like appendages in the brain for many HOURS after a person dies, study reveals Experts observed genes in brain tissue increase activity after a person was deadThe team says these ‘zombie genes’ are inflammatory cells called glial cellsThey grew larger and sprouted long-arm like appendages for many hours … Read more

AI designed to distinguish between types of pastries identifies cancer cells with 99% accuracy 

Artificial intelligence designed to recognize different type of pastries could be a vital tool in the medical world. BakeryScan, developed by Japan-based Brain Co., scans baked good on a tray with a camera and uploads the official name of each to a system for easy checkout at a bakery – but scientists found it can … Read more

Scientists create a model of an early human embryo from SKIN CELLS

Scientists create a model of an early human embryo from SKIN CELLS in breakthrough that will ‘revolutionise’ research into the causes of early miscarriage and infertility Skin cells underwent ‘nuclear reprogramming’ and turned into embryo-like cells These were then assembled around a 3D structure to form blastocyst models This is the first time blastocyst models have been created … Read more