Google Earth launches new Timelapse tool

Watch time pass before your eyes: Google Earth launches new Timelapse tool that lets you explore how the world has changed over the last four decades Google’s Timelapse tool will be built into the pre-existing Google Earth platform   Will allow users to see how a part of the world has changed over several decades in … Read more

Climate change is making it harder to get a good cup of COFFEE

Coffee could become more bland tasting in the future as rising temperatures due to climate change could result in less intense varieties of beans, scientists have warned. A team from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) created computer simulations to examine the effects of ‘climatic’ factors on coffee growing areas in Ethiopia, the largest producer … Read more

Rising temperatures are making it harder to grow the potatoes used for French fries

Global warming is causing difficulty for American farmers who grow the potatoes which make the best chips, an expert has warned.  The Russet Burbank is a potato variety grown in North America which is widely used to make French fries, and is believed to be the spud of choice for McDonald’s.  But farmers in the … Read more

Pollution: Richest 1% produce DOUBLE the carbon emissions of the poorest 50%, says UN

World’s wealthiest people are ‘elite polluters’: Richest one per cent produce DOUBLE the combined carbon emissions of the poorest 50 per cent, report reveals The report comes from the UK-based Cambridge Sustainability Commission  It was compiled by 31 experts tasked with finding ways to best tackle emissions The panel recommend deterring people from frequent flying … Read more

Critically endangered polar bears are mating with grizzly bears heading north and ‘pizzly bears’

Climate change is pushing polar bears to extinction, but a warming world has also created a new animal that will carry on the species’ genes – ‘pizzly bears.’ Paleontologist Larisa DeSantis told that polar bears are retreating inland to find food, since sea ice is melting, and are mating with grizzly bears that travel … Read more

Global sea levels could rise two feet as Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ melts FASTER than expected

Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is melting FASTER than expected and could raise global sea levels by up to two feet, study warns Autonomous robot took measurements of the water beneath Thwaites glacier Thwaites is called the ‘doomsday glacier’ due to its impact on sea level rise  New data on the water currents underneath sheds light on … Read more

Rising sea levels are poisoning North Carolina woodlands causing ‘ghost forests’ near coasts

Rising sea levels are transforming the once lush woodlands along North Carolina’s coast into grayish-colored, lifeless trunks known as ‘ghost forests.’ The leafless, limbless trees cover about 11 percent of the state’s Alligator National Wildlife Refuge that what was once thriving with healthy forests. The change is caused by massive amounts of seawater creeping inland … Read more

Farmers slam Blue Peter for encouraging children to stop eating meat for climate change challenge

Farmers and parents have slammed Blue Peter for encouraging children to stop eating meat after the TV show urged viewers to go vegetarian for a climate change challenge.  The children’s series is offering green badges – similar to the famous blue ones – to youngsters who are environmentally friendly as part of a two-week pledge. Sports … Read more

Experts fear polar bears lack skills to find new food as they adapt to climate change 

Foraging peril of polar bears as experts fear they could lack skills to find new food as they adapt to climate change Researchers studied polar bears in Canadian Arctic tracking them over 11 days Bears usually hunt seals from floating ice but climate change means ice melted Bears have resorted to eating birds eggs on … Read more

Now Co-op goes peat-free: Supermarket chain stops selling compost with peat

Now Co-op goes peat-free: Supermarket chain stops selling compost with peat to help the fight against climate change after plea from Monty Don Natural peatlands absorb and store carbon which helps tackle climate change  Peat loses this function when it is dug up and sold in stores as part of compost Monty Don criticised the use … Read more