Xiaomi quad-curved waterfall display concept phone introduced

Without thinking about its fate in the United States, at least, not yet, Xiaomi continues to come up with more advanced technologies. This time, we’re learning about a new concept smartphone that has a Quad Curved Waterfall Display. We know of phones with curved screens but they are only on two sides. Xiaomi’s idea is … Read more

Jennifer Lopez talks about success and why she doesn’t relate to concept of reinvention in new video

Jennifer Lopez talks about her success and why she doesn’t relate to the concept of reinvention in new video: ‘I’m not reinventing or trying to be something different’ By Dan Heching For Dailymail.com Published: 02:28 GMT, 23 January 2021 | Updated: 02:28 GMT, 23 January 2021 She wowed the crowds around the world on Wednesday … Read more

Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau unveils new concept art for the long awaited sequel

Producer Jon Landau has given fans a taste of what to expect from the long awaited Avatar sequel by releasing concept art from the forthcoming film.  The movie – one of four planned additions to the science fiction franchise – is expected to go on general release in 2022, 13-years after the first film wowed cinema-goers … Read more

OnePlus 8T Concept features color-changing tech and mmWave radar

OnePlus embraces exoticism. Almost a year after surprising us with the Concept One smartphone that featured an “invisible rear camera”, the company returns to the fray with the OnePlus 8T Concept, a flagship smartphone that is capable of changing the color of its back cover and registering the breath of a user. Predictably, we will … Read more

OPPO slide-phone, music-link concept designs shown off

OPPO may probably borrow OnePlus’ ‘Never Settle’ promo as it is becoming prolific when it comes to concept phone ideas. After the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept device was introduced and then confirmed not to be commercialized, we’re learning about a new design concept. Actually, there are two new design concepts that we don’t think … Read more

2020’s Unconvential Phones: Foldables, Rollable Concept, and More

The year 2020 will probably be marked in history for several reasons. Most of them are not good. The coronavirus pandemic is just one. We’re not listing down here the other reasons. We want to keep things here light and cheerful. The year 2020 is also the time when “unconventional” phones have been introduced. By … Read more

LG Wing from concept to reality – how the swivel action was born

LG Wing is currently the most radically designed smartphone on the market that pushes the boundaries of design and functionality. When it was launched last month, the smartphone with the unique swivel mechanism turned eye-balls – giving Samsung and Motorola a headache or two. The smartphone comes with a 90-degree rotating screen, revealing the second … Read more