Prince Philip funeral: Prince Charles bids final farewell to his father at Windsor Castle

An emotional Prince Charles led mourners out of Windsor Castle to bid a final farewell to his ‘dear Papa’ Prince Philip at his funeral this afternoon while his wife Camilla watched on.  The Prince of Wales, 72, somberly walked in procession with other members of the Royal Family behind Philip’s custom-built Land Rover Defender hearse, which … Read more

Fitness fanatic father, 56, is jailed for two and a half years for child cruelty

A fitness fanatic father who forced his daughter to sign a ‘contract’ promising she would never get fat has been jailed after being convicted of child cruelty. The estranged children of Rachid Khadla revealed the horrific nature of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their father, who ran a dictatorial regime from the … Read more

Patrick Schwarzenegger reveals his father Arnold repeats his famous one-liners ‘all the time’

Moxie star Patrick Schwarzenegger just revealed his father Arnold repeats his famous one-liners from movies like Conan the Barbarian, Terminator, and Kindergarten Cop ‘all the time.’ ‘Everybody asks that, they’re like, “Does your dad, like, always say his one-liners?” And I’m like, “All the time,”‘ the 27-year-old actor-investor said on Wednesday’s episode of The Kelly … Read more

Father left with ‘HALF a house’ hits back after builders refuses to take responsibility

A father who was left with ‘half a house’ in a bungled duplex build claims he was never the plans were suddenly changed. Bishnu Aryal hit back at builder Zac Homes after it failed to take responsibility for the disastrous southwest Sydney development. The mortgage broker moved to Australia from Nepal and saved diligently for … Read more

Prince Charles pays tribute to his father Philip with video of his ‘life and work’

Prince Charles has paid a touching tribute to his father Prince Philip with a heart-warming one-minute video of his ‘life and work’. The Prince of Wales shared a series of images set to music to celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh’s work with 992 organisations.  The Queen’s loyal husband of more than 70 years and the nation’s … Read more

Line of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar reveals ‘Mother of God’ catchphrase is a tribute to his late father

Season six of Line Of Duty has left fans with more questions than answers, with viewers flocking to Twitter to question what exactly is DCI Jo Davidson is up to, whether Kate Fleming has really left AC-12 and who is H? Here, MailOnline examines some of the most prominent fan theories   Kate Fleming HASN’T left … Read more

Kate Garraway reveals her children are ‘absolutely loving’ having father Derek home

Kate Garraway has revealed her children are ‘absolutely loving’ having their father home after he spent more than a year battling coronavirus in intensive care. Lobbyist Derek Draper, 53, spent more than a year in intensive care following a Covid battle but returned to the couple’s home in North London on Wednesday evening.  Garraway, 53, said on Good Morning … Read more