HONOR Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology introduced

HONOR, no longer associated with Huawei, is set to deliver new technologies and innovations. The latest offering is camera-centric and we can expect the feature to be available on upcoming Honor phones. The system is called Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography technology. The first device to implement it is the HONOR Magic 3 Series which was … Read more

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion may also be introduced

The Motorola Edge 20 series will be the next from the Lenovo-owned company. In the past few months, we’ve been featuring details about the series. The Motorola Edge Kyoto camera details first surfaced followed by the Motorola Edge Berlin. Images of the Motorola Edge 20 Pro Sierra also appeared on the web, followed by Motorola … Read more

Female physicist invents new fusion rocket that could take the first humans to Mars

Female physicist invents new fusion rocket that could take the first humans to Mars 10 TIMES faster than space-proven thrusters A new fusion rocket concept could one day take humans to Mars It uses magnetic fields to shoot plasma particles out of the rocket Current space-proven fusion rockets use electric fields to propel the particles … Read more

Energy: Experimental fusion reactor in the UK successfully produces its first super-hot ‘plasma’

In a step towards cleaner and safer nuclear energy using the same reactions that power the Sun, a UK experimental fusion reactor has powered on for the first time. Fusion power works by colliding heavy hydrogen atoms to form helium — releasing vast amounts of energy in the process, as occurs naturally in the centre … Read more

Nuclear fusion reactor could be producing electricity within a decade 

A tennis court-sized nuclear fusion reactor being developed in the US could be producing electricity within a decade, backers claim.   The SPARC nuclear fusion reactor, a joint project involving Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is expected to begin construction on June 21 next year and take three or four years until completion. It is hoped that SPARC … Read more