How do YOU hold your phone? Expert reveals the common ways and what they say about your personality

What does the way YOU hold your phone say about your personality? Using both hands signals you’re ‘highly assertive’ while ‘attention-seekers’ clutch their devices horizontally, says body language expert Body language expert reveals what the different ‘text types’ reveal about you  Horizontal holders are ‘attention seekers with a high sense of self-importance’Research shows using the index … Read more

Riders hold ‘electric scooter discos’ in car parks during one of England’s first trials

Riders hold ‘electric scooter discos’ in car parks as one of England’s first trials of the vehicles descends into chaos Rented vehicles used to hold ‘scooter discos’ in car parks during pilot schemeNorthampton council’s leader said it ‘seems easy to remove tracking devices’ The Mail on Sunday saw people riding orange scooters on pavements last weekMore … Read more

Just 920,000 savers hold more than £2 in every £5 held in Premium Bonds

More than £2 in every £5 saved into Britain’s best-loved savings product has been provided by fewer than 1million savers, This is Money can reveal. Despite 21.4million savers collectively holding £107.4billion in Premium Bonds at the start of this month, £46.1billion of that is held by just 920,000 people who hold the maximum £50,000, according … Read more

Blinken and Lavrov hold first high-level talks between US and Russia of Biden’s administration

US and Russia hold first high-level talks since Biden called Putin a ‘killer’ as Secretary of State Blinken and foreign minister Lavrov meet in Iceland Blinken and Lavrov met in Iceland on Wednesday night to begin talks Biden’s Secretary of State said ‘there’s no secret we have our differences’He also said the world would be safer … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy can’t hide her smile and new boyfriend Malcolm McRae hold hands on NYC walk

They were first spotted smooching last weekend ahead of her upcoming SNL gig.  And Anya Taylor-Joy was all smiles while out with new beau Malcom McRae in NYC on Monday. The Queen’s Gambit star, 25, and actor/musician, 27, looked smitten as they packed on the PDA while walking around the Big Apple together. Pure Joy! … Read more