Toyota Mirai: A review of the second-generation hydrogen fuel cell car

Toyota’s new eco-friendly Mirai gives a whole new meaning to ‘stepping on the gas.’ Because when I got behind the wheel of this sporty four-door five-seater saloon, that’s exactly what I was doing. Except that in this case the ‘gas’ I was stepping on was not gasoline – or petrol as we call it in … Read more

Government invests £30m into electric and hydrogen car production

£22.6MILLION FARADAY INSTITUTION PROJECTS The £22.6m announced today will fund refocused research projects, including targeting market opportunities and early-stage commercial development, in the following areas:  EXTENDING BATTERY LIFE Led by Prof Clare Grey, University of Cambridge, with researchers from the Universities of Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton, Warwick, Imperial College London and UCL.  BATTERY MODELLING  … Read more

Boost for North as BP plans hydrogen plant on Teesside

BP plans UK’s largest hydrogen plant on Teesside: Boost for North as FTSE 100 oil supermajor steps up its green revolution By Francesca Washtell For The Daily Mail Published: 22:01 GMT, 18 March 2021 | Updated: 22:13 GMT, 18 March 2021 BP is planning to build the UK’s largest hydrogen plant as it ramps up … Read more

Government to spend £5m on new ‘hydrogen hub’ and £20m on offshore wind farms

Government to spend £20m on offshore wind farms and £5m on ‘hydrogen hub’: The Budget funding helping UK reach net zero emissions In Budget speech, Rishi Sunak says £20m will go to offshore wind technology Another £4.8m will support the development of a hydrogen hub in Wales  The Government target is for the UK to … Read more

Einsteinium: Chemists create and capture the elusive element discovered thanks to the hydrogen bomb

Einsteinium, the elusive 99th element on the periodic table, has been created and captured, allowing some of its properties to be characterised for the first time. Not naturally occurring on Earth, the so-called ‘synthetic element’ was first discovered among the debris of the first-ever hydrogen bomb back in 1952. Since then, very few experiments have ever been … Read more

Airbus reveals radical design for detachable hydrogen fuel cell wing pods

Airbus has revealed its designs for self-contained hydrogen fuel cell pods that attach to the underside of aeroplane wings. Each so-called pod contains a propeller and all the fuel, motors, cooling and engineering needed to provide thrust on long-range flights.   The units are designed to be detachable, so they can can be clipped on and … Read more

Toyota steps on the gas with new hydrogen fuel cell Mirai and cuts price

Toyota is stepping on the gas with its new and sleeker second-generation Mirai – and slashing its price by 20 per cent to encourage a ten-fold increase in sales. The Mirai is the Japanese car giant’s hydrogen-powered electric fuel-cell car that not only offers green zero emissions motoring, but actually cleans and purifies the air … Read more

Cold War nuclear weapons base where Britain kept hydrogen bombs in new drone photos

Amazing new drone photos show a former nuclear weapons base which once stored up to half of Britain’s nuclear bombs during the Cold War hiding beneath the autumn foliage.  The site at RAF Barnham in West Suffolk was active during the early 1950s and was one of only two such facilities ever built in the … Read more

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Grenadier 4X4 to be powered by HYDROGEN

Billionaire tycoon Sir Jim Ratcliffe has signed a landmark deal with Korean car giant Hyundai to produce green zero-emissions versions of his forthcoming new Ineos Grenadier 4X4 that will run on hydrogen-powered electricity. But the plan for a hydrogen fuel-cell driven electric off-roader – a back to basics rival to Land Rover’s new Defender and … Read more

SMALL CAP MOVERS: Hydrogen companies lifted by UK green recovery plan

SMALL CAP MOVERS: Hydrogen companies lifted by UK green recovery plan; and will Frasers Group make an offer for Mulberry? By Giulia Bottaro At Proactive Investors For Published: 14:44 GMT, 20 November 2020 | Updated: 14:44 GMT, 20 November 2020 Hydrogen companies were given a boost this week after the Prime Minister vowed to … Read more