Toyota Mirai: A review of the second-generation hydrogen fuel cell car

Toyota’s new eco-friendly Mirai gives a whole new meaning to ‘stepping on the gas.’ Because when I got behind the wheel of this sporty four-door five-seater saloon, that’s exactly what I was doing. Except that in this case the ‘gas’ I was stepping on was not gasoline – or petrol as we call it in … Read more

Toyota steps on the gas with new hydrogen fuel cell Mirai and cuts price

Toyota is stepping on the gas with its new and sleeker second-generation Mirai – and slashing its price by 20 per cent to encourage a ten-fold increase in sales. The Mirai is the Japanese car giant’s hydrogen-powered electric fuel-cell car that not only offers green zero emissions motoring, but actually cleans and purifies the air … Read more

Toyota Mirai popemobile means his Holiness is now using hydrogen power

His Holiness’ hydrogen car: Toyota converts $80,000 fuel-cell Mirai into a Popemobile to be used by the supreme pontiff in Japan next month Toyota has converted a Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into a popemobile It has the traditional raised platform for the Pope to stand or sit in The hydrogen car has a range … Read more

February sees huge jump in exploits designed to spread Mirai botnet

The Mirai botnet is known for targeting Internet of Things devices and conducting massive DDoS attacks, as described by cyberthreat researcher Check Point Research. Top 5 additional ways to fend off ransomware In 2019, 23 city governments in Texas experienced a coordinated ransomware attack. Tom Merritt explains how they defended themselves and ways you can … Read more