Fan-tasy supercar: Feast your eyes on the Gordon Murray T.50s Niki Lauda

A new limited-edition British-made supercar has been unveiled this week and is a feat of automotive engineering. The flame-orange masterpiece is the work of legendary car designer Gordon Murray and is based on his forthcoming T.50 model. But this V12-engine stunner is a more hardened track-only version that takes the driving performance to the extreme. … Read more

Reckitt Benckiser achieves its largest annual sales increase in history

Disinfectant demand lifts consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser to its largest ever annual sales increase Durex sales also rose despite periods of strict social distancing regulations Reckitt Benckiser expects net revenue growth this year of 0-2 per cent The firm also announced it had bought pain relief label Biofreeze By Harry Wise For This Is … Read more

My BT ordeal! TONY HAZELL negotiated a deal but they hiked the price

When it comes to treating customers with complete disdain, I’d like to present the telecoms companies with this year’s Oscar. Earlier this month, I spent a couple of hours negotiating a new two-year deal with BT. Yet, just one week later, the firm sent an email telling me my bill will rise by more than … Read more

ASK TONY: A friend booked our group holiday, but my insurer won’t pay

In October 2019, eight of us (four couples) booked a holiday cottage in Somerset costing £1,200 for a short break from March 24, 2020.  One of our group booked for all of us and we each gave him our £300 share. We are all retired so, with a lack of guidance over Covid, we cancelled … Read more

The vaccine hero practice nurses who can’t get fair play over pensions

Proudly smiling on graduation day at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham in 1984, these four friends had their whole nursing careers ahead of them. Now, after serving the public for four decades, they have reached retirement age and can think about drawing on their hard-earned NHS pensions. But unlike her colleagues in the photograph, … Read more

Buy now pay later schemes are fastest-growing online payment method

Surge in internet credit buys: Buy now pay later deals were fastest-growing online payment method last year By Ben Wilkinson for the Daily Mail Published: 22:01 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 22:01 GMT, 23 February 2021 Credit boom: Buy now, pay later schemes  are predicted to account for 10 per cent of UK online spending … Read more

VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Clean up the mess over missing child trust funds

VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Lost child trust funds that could make the world of difference to so many young people By Victoria Bischoff for the Daily Mail Published: 22:01 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 22:33 GMT, 23 February 2021 If young adults ever needed a windfall, it’s now. Many have lost a year of education and … Read more

Don’t get locked in to a dud deal when your fixed bond matures

Don’t let your bank automatically lock you in to a dud deal when your fixed bond matures this year By Sylvia Morris For The Daily Mail Published: 22:13 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 22:34 GMT, 23 February 2021 Hundreds of thousands of savers risk being locked into pitiful deals when their fixed bonds mature … Read more

£400m in Child Trust Funds opened 18 years ago waiting to be claimed

Teenagers are sitting on £400 million in childhood savings they may not know exist. Around 200,000 Child Trust Funds (CTF) are still waiting to be claimed – with an average of £2,000 in each, figures reveal.  The investment and cash savings accounts were opened for every child born between September 1, 2002, and January 2, … Read more