Bad Spot, bad! Pranksters mounted a paintball GUN on a Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robot dog

Forget ‘a bull in a china shop’ — tomorrow, members of the public will be able to take remote control of an armed, paintball-firing robotic dog in an art gallery. Quirky, chaos-loving, New York-based start-up MSCHF (pronounced ‘mischief’) are behind the campaign, which highlights the risk of such machines being misused. MSCHF mounted the compressed air … Read more

Face of a Stone Age man whose head was mounted on a stake revealed through facial reconstruction 

The world may never know why a Stone Age man’s head was placed on a stake and tossed into an underwater grave, but now it will see his face.  A forensic artist harnessed the power of 3D facial reconstruction to piece together the features on 8,000-year-old jawless skull to show a man with a pointy … Read more

‘Highly skilled military surgeon’ tried to save a mounted soldier from a deadly EAR INFECTION

Archaeologists have unravelled the demise of a high-ranking warrior in Ancient Greece who underwent incredibly complex head and neck surgery 1,500 years ago. It is thought the male was a high-ranking Caballarius — a mounted archer or lancer — in the Grecian army whose life was ultimately ended by a fatal ear infection.   Detailed analysis … Read more