OnePlus 2.0 is here, set to futher improve camera experience

OnePlus and OPPO’s deeper integration has officially happened a few months. This means the two brands will have more similarities in the interface and features. OnePlus still runs on OxygenOS while OPPO uses ColorOS. The two OEMs may do further integrations in the near future but it will take some time. With the combined resources, … Read more

OnePlus 9R arrives with a faster RAM

While waiting for the OnePlus 9T, we can probably settle on the OnePlus 9R and the OnePlus 8T. The two are basically the same but with upgraded specs for the 9R that was launched specially for the Indian market. The two were actually introduced with LPDDR4X memory. Interestingly, they are now offered with LPDDR5 RAM … Read more

OnePlus announces solution to the throttling problem

In the past month, we have told you reports of OnePlus throttling some apps to improve battery life of the OnePlus 9 Pro. The Chinese OEM quickly responded to the app throttling accusation. It didn’t actually admit the throttling but acknowledged performance of apps may be different in some benchmarking apps. The company further clarified … Read more