Tories including Theresa May desert party donor’s foreign policy group amid ‘cash for access’ row

Senior Tories including Theresa May have distanced themselves from a major party donor embroiled in a ‘cash for access’ row involving the Prince of Wales’s nephew. Former prime minister Mrs May has stepped away from plans to become a patron of Mohamed Amersi’s Conservative Friends of the Middle East and North Africa (Comena), which he hoped … Read more

WhatsApp backtracks on limiting functionality for users who refuse privacy policy

The WhatsApp privacy policy saga continues as once again, the Facebook-owned messaging app has been “forced” to backtrack on their earlier statement. The new policy started rolling out last May 15 and originally, WhatsApp said that they will keep reminding users to accept the changes and if they don’t, eventually their account will be non-functional … Read more

WhatsApp backtracks on new privacy policy in India after government demand

While the rest of the world will have to deal with the new privacy policy that WhatsApp has controversially enacted, folks in India will not be “punished” for not accepting the new terms. WhatsApp says that they are complying with the letter that the Indian government has sent them and will not limit users who … Read more

Ricky Schroder apologizes to Costco supervisor he berated for trying to enforce face mask policy

Ricky Schroder apologized to the Costco employee he berated over the weekend for trying to enforce the store’s face mask policy in a bizarre seven minute long rant on Instagram Sunday. The 51-year-old addressed the employee, Jason, directly saying that he was ‘was trying to make a point to the corporate overlords’ and was ‘sorry … Read more

Boris Johnson urges Cabinet to focus on policy amid briefing war

Boris Johnson will plead with ministers to stay ‘focused on the people’s priorities’ today as he struggles to fend of a fresh wave of briefing in his war with Dominic Cummings. The PM is gathering Cabinet as he faces fresh allegations that he said he would rather let coronavirus ‘rip’ in September than inflict the economic … Read more

Coronavirus: UK policy change on AstraZeneca jab ‘did not increase vaccine hesitancy’

The UK deciding not to give AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine to under-30s has not put people off getting vaccinated, a survey has suggested. Regulators said concerns about extremely rare blood clots being triggered by the jab meant it would be safer to give young adults a different one where possible. In Europe clotting fears spooked some … Read more

Markets addicted to inflationary monetary policy have central banks over a barrel

Markets addicted to inflationary monetary policy have central banks over a barrel, says ADRIAN LOWERY: So savers face negative real interest rates for years to come By Adrian Lowery for Published: 07:47 BST, 16 April 2021 | Updated: 07:47 BST, 16 April 2021 Global markets have got central banks over a barrel.  Both bond … Read more