US Navy tests orbiting solar panel that could one day beam power anywhere on Earth

A pizza box sized solar panel in orbit is producing enough electricity to power an iPad, according to a succesful test of the technology by the US Navy.  The Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) was launched in May 2020 attached to a drone that loops around the Earth every 90 minutes and is designed to harness … Read more

Amazon’s Ring launches new Video Doorbell Pro 2 has bird’s eye view and 3D motion-detection radar

Amazon’s Ring launches new Video Doorbell Pro 2 that lets users create a virtual ‘fence’ around their home that notifies them when trespassers or a delivery person steps on the property The $250 device includes aerial view showing the path someone is taking  The 1536 x 1536 square video allows for a full head-to-toe view … Read more

Health: More than 99 per cent of pheasants sold for food contain TOXIC lead shot

Toxic lead shot can still be found in more than 99 per cent of pheasants shot for food, despite a commitment last year for hunters to begin using safer alternatives. Experts from England and Scotland dissected wild common pheasants bagged during the recent October to February shooting season, finding shot in 180 of the 276 studied. Of these, … Read more

Palaeontology: David Attenborough’s new app brings prehistoric creatures into your home

David Attenborough is bringing long-extinct prehistoric creatures into people’s homes through the magic of augmented reality in a new app. ‘Museum Alive’, from Alchemy Immersive and Atlantic Productions, is an extension of Sir David’s BAFTA-winning 2013 documentary ‘Natural History Museum Alive’. Suitable for all ages, the app uses your camera to create the illusion of … Read more

New diplodocus-like dinosaur identified from a fossil in Uzbekistan

Fossils dug up in Uzbekistan reveal a previously-unidentified species of dinosaur that was twice the size of a double decker bus, a new study reveals.  Called Dzharatitanis kingi, the gentle giant measured about 65.6 feet (20 metres) in length and was a cousin of Diplodocus – the largest creature to ever walk the planet.  D. … Read more

Covid London: 1 in 5 Lambeth residents may have higher risk due to multiple illnesses

One in five people living in the London borough of Lambeth have two or more long-term health conditions, a study has shown.  Anonymous data of 826,936 patients registered at 41 GP practices in the borough were obtained and analysed dating back as far as 2005.  It revealed 21 per cent of all residents have at … Read more

Best bedtime routine for children aged two to eight shared by experts

Leading Optometrist, Dhruvin Patel is a specialist in the impact of blue light on eye health – that is light produced by phone and computer screens.  Blue Light can make it harder to fall asleep and have an impact on the health of eyes Researchers say exposure to blue light could increase the risk of … Read more

Dinosaurs WERE wiped out by asteroid 66m years ago, dust found in a crater confirms

Asteroid dust found beneath an impact crater confirms a leading theory that it was a space rock that killed the dinosaurs and 75% of life on Earth 66 million years ago. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin studied 900 metres of rock core samples from below the seafloor under the Chicxulub crater in … Read more

Apple patents suggest possible future features for rumored autonomous car

Apple is said to be in discussions with manufacturers of self-driving sensors, suggesting its rumored Apple Car is coming closer to reality.  Along with the conversations, the tech giant has filed a number of patents in recent months for a range of features that could be unleashed in the futuristic vehicle.   The registered designs include … Read more

Moment fish drowns a baby bird in a nest that flooded in Georgia

A researcher caught a harrowing encounter in a Georgia salt marsh when a fish pulled a baby sparrow down to a watery grave. Seaside sparrows usually balance their nests in the marsh grass, but researchers believe climate change has caused tides in the area to rise precipitously. As a result one bird’s nest was flooded, … Read more