Moderna vaccine sparks blood clot fears as patient shares how he thought he was going to die

A Colorado man claims he developed blood clots after receiving a dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.  Jeff Johnson, of Brighton, ended up in the emergency room after experiencing pain and swelling in his left leg, reported KDVR. Johnson was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is when a clot forms in a vein … Read more

Pfizer and Moderna DECLINED joining Johnson & Johnson study of vaccine blood clot risks

Johnson & Johnson privately reached out to rival COVID-19 vaccine makers to join in an effort to study the risks of blood clots. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing three people familiar with the matter, J&J wanted to form an informal alliance with other companies to communicate with one one voice about the benefits … Read more

Coronavirus: Study finds CVST blood clot risk is 10 times higher after Covid than after vaccination

People are 10 times more likely to develop a CVST blood clot after catching Covid than after getting a vaccine, an Oxford study has found. CVST, full name cerebral venous sinus thombrosis, is the brain blood clotting condition spooking regulators by appearing in people having the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines. But researchers … Read more

Coronavirus: Study finds CVST blood clot risk is 10 times higher after Covid than after vaccination

You’re 10 TIMES more likely to get a CVST brain blood clot after Covid than after a vaccine, Oxford study finds – with even the risk after infection only one in 26,000 Study used US data to work out rate of CVST after Covid-19 diagnosis Regulators have been disturbed by reports of the rare clots … Read more

CDC chief admits they have NO proof J&J vaccine causes blood clots

Acting CDC Principal Deputy Director Dr. Anne Schuchat on Wednesday admitted there is no evidence J&J’s vaccine is causing blood clots  The CDC’s Deputy Director has admitted they have no proof Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine actually causes rare blood clots and revealed one of the main reasons they’ve stopped giving it out is to give … Read more

British doctor reveals how her gut instinct helped link AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine to blood clots

Professor Marie Scully, a haematologist at University College London, stumbled on the link when testing for unusual antibodies A British scientist has revealed how her instinct helped to uncover the link between AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine and a very rare blood clot. Haematologist Professor Marie Scully unknowingly stumbled upon the complication in early March, when a … Read more

People who experience big dips in blood sugar levels eat more

People who experience a dip in their blood sugar levels after eating end up feeling hungrier and so eat hundreds more calories than others, study reveals. Researchers from King’s College London collected data on blood sugar levels and other health markers from 1,070 people eating standard breakfast and other meals. They found that the drop … Read more

Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia is rushed back to hospital after she began CRYING BLOOD

Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia has been rushed back to hospital after she began crying blood and in urgent need of a transfusion.  Taking to Instagram, her mum Safiyya shared a video from within the hospital during which Ashley, 30, cradled the tot while she slept.  Safiyya said to the camera: ‘We’ve just gone back into hospital to … Read more

Covid: UK may approve one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended by US FDA over blood clot fears

Covid vaccine blood clot fears have struck a second jab as the US today stopped using the Johnson & Johnson shot which the UK may approve within days. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has called for use of the jab to be suspended after six young women developed blood clots after receiving it. British … Read more

Covid-19: UK expecting 30m doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended by US FDA over blood clots

US regulators suspend use of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine over blood clot fears – with UK set to approve the single-dose jab ‘within days’ and start supply of 30million in summer UK expects deliveries in the second half of 2021, with approval likely this week Johnson & Johnson’s jab is the only one-dose vaccine … Read more